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About Arts College, Vadali

The Vadali Kelavani Mandal has been managing many educational institutions since its formation in 1953 with its mission to work for the development and progress in academic sphere from primary to higher education and spread knowledge in Vadali and its surrounding and interior areas. Because Vadali is situated in Sabarkantha district which is a backward district. Most of the population of Vadali and surrounding areas come under educationally, socially or economically backward. The educationalist and intellectuals of the area decided to establish a higher educational institute in Vadali. The Vadali Kelavni Mandal also wanted to encourage education for boys and girls.

So with the aim of imparting higher education and quality education, it started Arts college, Vadali, in the year1995. Arts College, Vadali is a young college, situated in rural area. The college offers course of B.A. with three main subjects – Gujarati, Sanskrit and History; and at M. A. level offers subjects like Gujarati and History. The institution works with specific vision and mission to provide higher education to youth of rural and surrounding areas, and try to make overall development by educational and co-curricular activities. The educational environment of the institution attracts the students for B.A. course. Even the numbers of women students are increasing day by day. The institution has N.C.C. boys unit and girls unit. N.S.S unit performs social service and contributing much to nearby areas. The entire staff vigorously endeavors to inculcate basic virtues like sincerity, discipline, devotion, truthfulness, determination, and patriotic feelings among the learners. They must learn importance of social equality and tolerance.