Arts Collage

principal desk


I am very glad to produce this website of Vadali Arts College.

Our institute is like the temple of Saraswati. In this temple, we worship knowledge. We may efforts to increase the confidence of our students and equip them with skills with a view to enable them for future opportunities. Our institute is committed to maintaining the standard of education. Our facility is import education with ICT-based requirements. Along with the use of technology, we see to it that our students become generous citizens of the nation having greater values and commitment towards the nation. We see to it that they free from fear, temptation, and hatred. We generate the spirit of social spirit and concern for the nation among the students so that along with their aspirations they actively contribute to the all-around development of the nation. we work for excellence in education through experiment, experience, and exposure.

Our managing trust is always keeping to see a pleasant smile on faces of our students.They provide all necessaray amenities on our campus. Our managing trustess Dr.Nareshbhai is a well known writer,literal and academicion,who guides and inspire us.

In a very harmonious atmosphere,we are imparting education to our students.We are proud of Ashram like serenity and pious ambience of our campus. we are optimistic that our brilliant students will contribute consideraly and create a history of near future.

Mr. Nareshbhai